Monday, December 13, 2010

Pike Push-up

The Pike Push-up is a challenging upper-body exercise. Start in standard push-up position then bring your hands and  feet closer so your hips reach 90 degrees (your whole body will look like a triangle) . Lower your upper body, pause for 2 seconds then go back up. Do 3 series of 5/7 reps.

  • Will blast your upper back, shoulders, triceps, upper arms, rib cage.
  • Can be done anywhere.
  • Hard to maintain good form (you might be tempted to use your legs for assistance, especially when starting out).


  1. Great blog! The Pike pushup seems like a good option for those who want to in the future do divebomber or hindu pushups.


  2. Thanks Davis! Ya the pike push is a terrific exercise, I had great results from doing it.