Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bodyweight Training and Rest

There's a common misconception about bodyweight training: many say you do not need to rest between workouts. This is just absurd! In many circumstances moving your own bodyweight can be an extremely challenging task, think of pull ups, negative push-ups, plyometrics etc ... As a matter of fact compound bodyweight moves can be difficult compared to isolation moves with weights. When you do a push-up you push roughly 60-70 % of your bodyweight (and even more if you do it in a controlled manner aka negative training).Not so bad, isn't it? Here are some tips when it comes to rest:
  • Never train with sore muscles, it's the best way to injure yourself. Wait until the soreness is completely gone; whether it takes 2 days or 1 week does not matter.
  • Eat lots of proteins year round, they are essential to muscle maintenance and construction.
  • Avoid excessive cardio between workouts.
  • Warm up/cool down before and after workouts but not excessively: a few minutes suffice.

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  1. Eat large amount of proteins if you're doing intense workouts.