Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jump Rope

Jump rope/skip rope training is an awesome total body exercise. It's very simple: grab a rope, rotate and skip! The exercise targets many different muscles: core, quads,calves, upper arms, shoulders and can be used for strength training, cardio or warming up.There are many variations to straight skipping: you can bring your knees up to focus more on the lower abs, side skip for the obliques, I could go on and one. Skipping develops coordination and quickly increases your metabolism (burns lots of calories). For warm ups do 2-3 sets of 1 min at low speed; for strength training do 4-5 sets of 30-40 secs at very high speed, for cardio skip continuously for 10-15 minutes.


  • Develops coordination.
  • Greatly increases metabolism and burns lots of calories in very little time.
  • A true total body exercise.
  • Has to be done outdoors, or gym facility because of possible space and noise issues.
  • Can be really tough on ankles and Achilles, if you have pain just rest and heal.
  • You need a rope! However they tend to be affordable, unless you want a high-end model.

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