Sunday, April 8, 2012

Static Pull-up/chin-up

Pull-ups/Chin-ups are a great exercise for the middle/upper/side back, core and biceps but many people avoid them because ... well they're quite difficult for most weekend warriors. So what's the best way to learn? In my humble opinion static pull-ups/chin-ups a great variation for beginners. First place yourself under a pull-up bar (if you don't have a gym membership, you can find such at playgrounds and parks. You can also buy a pull-up bar for your door-frame but... at your own risk as it can damage your wall or make you fall very easily). Then, depending on the height of the bar, jump or use a chair to elevate your body; grab the bar with an overhand grip (underhand grip for chin-ups) and keep your head above the bar as long as you can. Drop and repeat. Do 3-5 reps. Simple isn't it? Well not that easy in the beginning but it's a great way to build strength for "real" pull-ups and chin-ups.


  • Works many muscles in the back, upper-body and core.


  • You will need a pull-up bar.

Static pull-up

Static Chin up